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Awakenings XXXI

MIC Heavy:

THL Heinrich von Stuttgart

Armored Egg hunt before lunch,
Melee for afters!

MIC Rapier:

Baroness Maire of Illiton

Fencing for all!
Courtiers Rapier Tournament/Easter Egg Hunt
(Open to all fencers)

MIC Archery:

Master Jhondo Oakenshield

All plans are dependent on weather.
Please do anything you can to chase away rain and stiff winds!
Before lunch, open range and fun stuff for Kids!
After.... Special targets, competitions and fabulous prizes!

All are cordially invited to bring their personal banners/heraldry and pavilions to help dress up our site.

Authorization Database

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Armored Easter egg tourney:

Combatants collect eggs. Then open fighting ensues with combatants choosing how many eggs to fight for. Prizes for special egg and most eggs collected.

Fighting will be outdoors if weather permits, indoors if not.

Tournament of the Courtier

The rapier community will duel under the auspices of "The Tournament of the Courtier".
Please use the navigation bar above to visit the page "TotC" for more information about this Tournament. As elsewhere, fighting will be outdoors if weather permits, indoors if not.

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