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Awakenings XXXI
Artisans' Row

All enthusiasts for the arts and sciences are invited to take part in our annual Artisans' Alley,
an all-day opportunity to do the activity you like in a public area at the event,
meeting other area artisans and (if you are so inclined) teaching others in an informal setting.

Space available for classes.
Please contact our A&S Coordinator THL Heregyð Ketilsdóttir to schedule a class.

Whatever it is you love to make, please come do so out in public at our event! We'll have space all day for indoor-friendly activities, and we can set up outdoor space if you want to make a big mess or use fire. If you have supplies to share and want to let event-goers participate in your craft, you are welcome to do informal teaching at Artisans' Row throughout the day.

To join the fun,or questions
contact THL Heregyð Ketilsdóttir

All are cordially invited to bring their personal banners/heraldry to help dress up our site.

Fun A&S competition!

"Seasonal Garb Contest"

Show off your Seasonal inclinations! Craft your favorite materials into garb and/or accessories to reflect your favorite of the four seasons, Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter! The opportunity may arise for a fashion show on the stage, and the contest winner will be chosen by "applause-o-meter" readings.
Judging will commence at Noon!

Questions about the contest? Contact THL Heregyth Ketilsdottir

Fabulous prize awarded to the winner, judging and results at TBD in the Artisans' Alley area.

Tournament of the Courtier Bardic Circle
~~ Come join in the Bardic Circle to be held in the afternoon at the conclusion of the Tournament of the Courtier.
Location: The Library

Bring "Stuff" if you desire to teach. Tinker at your craft, enjoy puttering with like minded souls.
It's a Medieval mini Maker's fair approach to arts and sciences.
If you have things that are dangerous or require a huge amount of space to launch,
please, contact Heregyð with any specifics.

Scheduled stuff:

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